Pivot Announcement, the future of $DWNBD

In the days following our initial launch, we’ve laid out a well detailed plan for growth, outlining some very high-level ideas for our treasury investment and the roll-out of an innovative, next level DeFi ecosystem we had dubbed “PIE” (Passive Income Engine).

As we kept pushing forward, some members of our core team started to doubt that our shit coin meme token branding was truly in line with our bigger vision for an innovative DeFi product. Some of us felt that as good as our meme token branding is, it’s in total conflict with what we actually stand for.
This idea was further reinforced when I noticed that the messaging really wasn’t getting across. With the narrative we had and the high level stuff we talked about, and our vision for the project, perhaps our brand should have looked more like a financial institution or something serious, and less like a degen haven.

I felt we may be attracting the wrong people and that our messaging was not congruent. Now, I’ve finally accepted this finality. I know it’s kind of late to be realizing that, and I’m kinda beating myself up for it, but what is done is done. It is time for $DWNBD to pivot into the thing it should have always been from the get go: a real meme shitcoin by degens, for degens!

As of today I will switching be off most taxes (leaving it at 3%), then consolidate the marketing and treasury wallets to do a series of large buy-backs (over 150 avax in total). All pending airdrop tokens from the pre-sale will be sent today prior to the first buy-back.

I will be essentially turning DWNBD into a meme coin with no additional utility. There will 3% continuous burn on every transaction so the token may actually end up being quite viable nonetheless, with less convoluted messaging and complicated investment stuff that simple minded degens and apes don’t really care for let’s be honest.

Moving forward, I would ideally prefer to be handing over the contract and all the brand assets to the community. So if anyone would like to step forward and take ownership of the project, please reach out to me. I will not be resigning the contract or halting developments, but there wont be much to develop. Once the dust has settled, me and some of the core team members will be launching another project. DWNBD holders will be getting an airdrop in that project when it is launched (but NO timeline or date promise on that)

Vicky xoxox




Crypto Enthusiast, Futurist & Canadian Expat in DR. Co-founder of DOWNBAD ($DWNBD) on AVAX and a member of BASEDefi OG Investment Group

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Crypto Vicky

Crypto Vicky

Crypto Enthusiast, Futurist & Canadian Expat in DR. Co-founder of DOWNBAD ($DWNBD) on AVAX and a member of BASEDefi OG Investment Group

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